EGX 2015

Went to the Euro Gamer Exhibition and saw some really cool games, costumes, relics, artwork and other stuff. I was amazed at how big the Indie Games Zone was and even more amazed at all great Indie games and Indie game  developers getting their work released and supported.

I was particularly taken by “One Upon Light” from SUTD “Game Lab. Its easy to grasp game mechanics and delightfully presented aesthetics delivered a crafty logical puzzle based game. It reminded me of Limbo a little, but less dark.

Obviously it was amazing to see all the AAA titles in action and what in store for the coming years.


Some awesome hip hip flavours from Bristol based DJ and Producer  Frenic

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Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Mr Postman

From now on I will be attempting to post/blog my journey over the next few years, including; Influences, inspirations, developments, cool stuff, achievements, etc.

Since I have been studying Sound for Games and Apps at dBs music, I am on a continuing road of research and discovery.

Up to now(Jan2016) I have looked into; the effects of sound on the human brain, particularly in relation to sensory stimuli; psychology behind sound and the psychological effects it has on the brain; other branches of psychological studies such as psychophysics and psychoacoustics;our perception of binaural sound and the mechanics behind the brains ability of sound localisation; The Haas Effect, The Gabor Limit, The Harsh Limit of Ordering; The concept of Immersion and its relation to the human perception of sound; subconscious mind influencing conscious actions, and so on and on.

On the technological side I’ve looked into; the introduction of Virtual Reality in a domestic environment and the sound restrictions and developments involved; sound spatialisation technologies and their implementations in game engines; middleware audio solutions and integration in game engines; developments in quantum and molecular computing; cool new games and game technology and so on and on.

I would also like to share any musical influences that may pass me by along the way. This could be anything from a single sound I liked in a particular tune to an uploaded production of my own.

I would also like to share any stuff I think is cool or interesting. More than likely based on the subjects of sound, audio, game, and music.

Sound Design & Electronic Music