Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Mr Postman

From now on I will be attempting to post/blog my journey over the next few years, including; Influences, inspirations, developments, cool stuff, achievements, etc.

Since I have been studying Sound for Games and Apps at dBs music, I am on a continuing road of research and discovery.

Up to now(Jan2016) I have looked into; the effects of sound on the human brain, particularly in relation to sensory stimuli; psychology behind sound and the psychological effects it has on the brain; other branches of psychological studies such as psychophysics and psychoacoustics;our perception of binaural sound and the mechanics behind the brains ability of sound localisation; The Haas Effect, The Gabor Limit, The Harsh Limit of Ordering; The concept of Immersion and its relation to the human perception of sound; subconscious mind influencing conscious actions, and so on and on.

On the technological side I’ve looked into; the introduction of Virtual Reality in a domestic environment and the sound restrictions and developments involved; sound spatialisation technologies and their implementations in game engines; middleware audio solutions and integration in game engines; developments in quantum and molecular computing; cool new games and game technology and so on and on.

I would also like to share any musical influences that may pass me by along the way. This could be anything from a single sound I liked in a particular tune to an uploaded production of my own.

I would also like to share any stuff I think is cool or interesting. More than likely based on the subjects of sound, audio, game, and music.

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